Spike Update 2!!!!!

15th June 2014: We finaly got spike to eat his greens, now he will eat khale.

23rd June 2014:  Last night spike was trying to find a spot to slee i was playing Cod: Ghosts, just playing allong all of a sudden *SCRATCH SCRATCH* i look at spike and hes digging a hole in the sand……………………….

Later on i hear SCRATCH SCRATCH i look at him and he is scratching at the wall.

This Morning: He was hiding under his logand sticking his head out.


PS: A few Weeks Ago: He was jumping up at the glass and as soon as my mam opened the slidy door thingy and he jumped right out at my mam , he is so cute and funny


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St. James park trip

Yesterday we had a great day at St. James park first we did the Magpie market which we had to make football strips and sell them the team with the most money was the winner but unfortunately it wasn’t us. After our lunch we had a tour around the staduim where we went into the players changing room and took photos in front of there football strips. Next we started building triangle based pyramids (which were hard) then we put them on top of each other and made a huge triangle based pyramid which touched the top of the room.

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St James Park

Yesterday we went to St James Park for creativity fortnight. The first thing we did when we got there was the Magpie market.The aim of the game was to be the team with the most money to do that we had to create and sell football strips. We had to be verry good at perswading to give us more money for the shirts. The game was set over a short 5 day week and sometimes we ran out of materiels so we had to buy more materiels with our hard erned cash and the winners were (drum roll please)The champions!!!!!!!!!! And the people who lost were lots of dosh. Then we had lunch(we were hungry).Then we went on a walk around the stadium whilst doing a quiz on St James Park. We went on the highest point of the pitch and the lowest point of the pitch. Our best part was being next to the pitch and sitting on the managers chair. After the tour the tetrahedron challange. What we had to create a triangle based pyramid using only wooden sticks and elastic bands. Our tetrahedron reached the ceiling(yay)! Then we got the metro home and talked about what an amazing day we had.

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St James’ Park Maths Day


Yesterday we went on a brilliant trip to St James’ Park and although I’m not a big football fan I thought the day was really interesting and great fun.

I’d love to hear about what you thought of the day- which were your favourite parts and why? Did anything surprise you?

‘Did you know…?’ Think about facts you learnt about the stadium or players and maybe share them here for other children to enjoy.

I look forward to reading your comments!!

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Benton Park’s teachers got talent. :)

Mr Cowen our wonderful P.E teacher has organised lots of events like basketball, swimming gala, running, cricket and five hundred games. He has been very support full and he believes in us.


Mr Shepard is very talent full  he is good at maths and has taught  the cleverest children in Benton park level 6 maths and got them through to doing the SATS.


Mrs Eaton and Mrs Bently our acting stars have won competitions in filming.There latest film was the mask and it is about bullying.

Remember teachers if you want to be on our page find your self a talent and get your self in the spotlight.


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My New Bearded Dragon, Spike

Well yesterday I got a new pet and I named him Spike. He is a reptile bearded dragon he is very friendly and now has to settle in to his new vivarium. I’ll be back soon to see how hes doing and keep you up to date.

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Hi guys.  Hawkhirst was amazing and I didnt want to leave. On the first night we watched Bugs Life which was, ok. On the second night we watched Despicable Me and even though I have seen it over 10 times its still the best film ever! If you dont know what Despicable Me is then where have you been? So basically its about a man called Gru who has these really cute minions that help him make a line of jams and jellies! Just joking they help him build things and look so cute! On the last night at Hawkirst we watched Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters. My favorite activity was Jacobs ladder and me and Lauren made it to the top! The food was really nice aswell.(thats the bit i was most worried about) BYE!!

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Hawkhirst was amazing! I knew it would be amazing. I had the best four days of my life.

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100 word challenge

Family breakdown in lion enclousre

The family that broke down in the middle of a lion enclosure in a safari park in England. The family were having a day out at Long Leet Safari Park in Wiltshire when their car suddenly caught fire with nowhere to go they sounded their horn and rangers came to the rescue, none of the lions were hurt. Mum Helen, 12 year old Charlie and 9 year old George explained what happened:

“The car started steaming then turned to smoke, when the rangers arrived we jumped into their car and let them keep working .

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Our New Topic England

Some of  you may not know but year 5 and 6’s new topic is all about England. In Mrs,.Turners class we are doing about dragons that some people thing are real but others don’t. In ICT we have been making the cover for our own dragonology books. Everyone in the class is making their own book. In class the book that we have has all different kinds of facts about dragons and pop up parts that show you pictures and diagrams of them. Leave a comment to show what you think of our topic.

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